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Module 11 - Sharing Your Project


  • Key / Essential / Unique Design Features that you explored in your project.

My main goal for my building was to create a space that blended in with the environment as much as possible. And my strategies for this include:


  • Minimally accepted value: 60% of spaces are daylit
  • Desired target/value: 90% of spaces are daylit


  • Create an open floor plan that maximizes sunlight
  • Building structure is built into typography of location
  • Incorporates as much greenery/outside space
  • Small physical building footprint
  • Rooftop garden

I think my key building features represent this goal well. I am most proud of the curtain walls and natural. light in every space in my building, my atrium, my entire roof is a green roof and the archways I use instead of doors for exhibit spaces to create an open floor plan.

My big challenges had to do with the small details - I struggled connecting my stairs to the next level because I had a 2' roof, so I had to change the top offset and create more risers. Another challenge I faced was with my plumbing system- connecting fixtures to pipes. In all my models, I also struggled viewing them all together because they have different origins. To fix this in the future, I need to go into each individual model and make the origins the same.

Overall, I learned a lot and this course has made me appreciate and more aware of the systems in buildings much more. My biggest tip is to make your levels 15' so you don't have to worry about ceiling height with your HVAC systems. Also, setting your project location early in the design process will help with building performance analysis. Thank you Glenn and teaching staff for a great quarter!

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