Joshua Dimasaka

Journal Entry For
Module 11 - Sharing Your Project


Banaue, a proposed design of the Philippine Space Agency headquarters in Pampanga, has incorporated many energy-efficient features while providing design flexibility for a more detailed design of architectural, structural, mechanical, and plumbing aspects. For example, the use of green roofs and greywater are key characteristics of this design. I'm most proud of the integration of AutoCAD into REVIT 3D Modelling. At first, I was hesitant to do a curve envelope but the AutoCAD made it easier to explore many options for the inspiration of the building envelope. In addition to that, the energy analysis provided good results in terms of the required cooling capacity of each room and defined space. After doing the exercise, I think I'm more confident in discussing the mechanical cooling requirement when I would face this kind of engineering problem. The biggest challenges were the wall-envelope intersection and the large cantilever spans. However, one important learning was to start in a very simple way, wherein the main framing was set first before thinking of the detailed exterior structural system. For students who would like to do a challenging project with a large cantilever, my advice is not to worry about the length and take a try in simplifying the framing of your columns so that your construction partners will befriend you!

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